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We are proud that DBmarlin was chosen to continuously monitor and help optimise the performance of MySQL and SQL Server databases.



Within 24 hours, Energylogix could clearly see the exact SQL statements within 100’s of databases that had slowed down and were impacting their customers.


Academic Excellence

I can’t stress enough how grateful we are for what the DBmarlin team has been able to achieve and in such a short period of time to monitor and optimise the performance of our MySQL database.


Customer testamonials

We are proud to work with customers and partners of all sizes from around the globe

DBmarlin gave us immediate value. It highlighted exactly where our code was inefficient and what we needed to do to fix it.

Stavros Antoniou

Software Developer - EnergyLogix

AP were an early partner of Instana and we are pleased to see DBmarlin integrate into Instana which will benefit all our customers.

Mirko Novakovic

Co-founder and CEO - Instana

It is great that DBmarlin gives us a single central dashboard which unlocks deep performance insights for the multiple database technologies we look after. We have also been impressed by the DBmarlin teams willingness to add extra features that are important to use. The speed the product is evolving is very encouraging.

Dries Moelans

Managing Partner - Monin NV

We really like DBmarlin and have multiple teams using it across our business. The clean and clear UI makes it extremely easy to use, even if you are not a DBA. In particular I really appreciate how DBmarlin brings together and correlates database performance and change information.

Rocco Bortone

Director of Operations - Rave Mobile Safety

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