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If you need something to take some stress out of your life give DBmarlin a try.

Rocco Bortone, Director of IT at Rave Mobile Safety

How DBmarlin helps Rave Mobile stay on top of database performance

Rave Mobile Safety provides the leading critical communication and collaboration platform trusted to help save lives across the US and Canada. Keeping millions of people safe during catastrophic disasters and everyday emergencies, their platforms provide mass mobile notifications and ensures the sharing of critical information to communities and the first responders that protect them, when it is needed the most.

Why were Rave Mobile looking for a MySQL and SQL Server performance monitoring solution?

You can imagine how important the performance of Rave’s IT systems and supporting databases are. We are proud that DBmarlin was chosen to continuously monitor and help optimise the performance of MySQL and SQL Server databases across multiple North American data centers.

"When you find something that makes your life easier, you stick with it. Over the course of 15+ years and 3 companies, I was able to convince management that DBTuna - now DBmarlin - would make our lives easier.

And it really has…"

How Rave Mobile Safety use DBmarlin

"We really like DBmarlin and already have multiple teams using it across our business. The clean, clear and modern UI makes it extremely easy to use, even if you are not a DBA. In particular, I really appreciate how DBmarlin brings together and correlates database performance and change information.

Within a few weeks, we had DBAs, QA engineers and developers all using DBmarlin which has really improved our efficiency. It has made non-DBAs much more self-sufficient, allowing them to spot slowdowns and understand the root cause in record time.

While we all know that no software is perfect, working with the DBmarlin team is like the old days when there really was a partnership. They are always available for support or to answer even the dumbest of questions.

Our next action is to use DBmarlin’s API to automatically import notification events of software releases and display them alongside our performance data. Doing this will make it clear when a new release has impacted performance, ensuring we can take immediate action should problems occur. Another extremely valuable feature we will be using more is DBmarlin’s ability to compare performance over two different time periods. Allowing you to compare performance profiles before and after a change or alternatively compare performance for multiple load tests gives you confidence you are going in the right direction.

The DBmarlin product and team behind it is a winning combination. If you need something to take some stress out of your life, give DBMarlin a try!”

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