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"​I quickly deploy DBmarlin to see what is going on in their databases. DBmarlin is really easy for us to use. I like the way you can drill down from an overview of a database into the detail of individual SQL statements and Execution Plans. Many times this has helped me find the cause of a problem in just a few clicks.”

Gert De Neve - Senior DBA - MONIN

DBmarlin is MONIN’s go-to for visibility into performance issues

MONIN Databased Managed Systems has helped customers manage their databases and optimise application performance for over 10 years. In this last decade, MONIN has built up a close partnership with the DBmarlin team, providing a plethora of feature suggestions and ideas to enable DBAs to do their job.

MONIN focuses on helping their clients determine the reasoning for slow application performance, and works to remedy the issue as quickly as possible, keeping their clients’ SLOs in mind.

Whenever MONIN has a customer come to them with concerns about slow application or database performance, the first thing that MONIN does is check to see if they have DBmarlin installed.

Because DBmarlin presents database performance information in an easy to understand way, MONIN often uses it to show customers what is going on so that we can agree on a plan to improve performance.

Once a plan is in place, MONIN uses DBmarlin’s comparison reports to show their client the improvement in performance following the changes they have made. The transparency and clean report structure allows everyone to be on the same page and learn from errors.

Testimonial by ​​Gert De Neve - Senior DBA at MONIN

“Having used DBmarlin for over a year, my colleagues and I have found that it makes the whole performance troubleshooting process much quicker. This not only saves time, but can dramatically reduce the impact of a problem. Using DBmarlin, we now spend less time on troubleshooting and more time focusing on strategic questions that move our customers’ businesses forward.”

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