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DBmarlin for Instana

What do you do when you have found a slow database query in ​Instana and wonder where do I go from here?

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Supports Instana SaaS or Self-hosted

"DBmarlin is a natural extension for Instana, helping our customers and partners optimise their database performance."

"It integrates seamlessly with Instana, building on our existing APM capabilities and ensuring that you can monitor and troubleshoot applications and databases as one."
Mirko Novakovic,

Example showing a very long running SQL statement within an Instana Trace. In this case you can see the SQL text and its duration but not the reason why it was so slow.

Instana shows a slow SQL statement

Instana can identify when slow SQL is causing poor experience for your end users.

The DBmarlin Story

We started with a blank sheet of paper and have created a next-generation database monitoring solution engineered to make it easier to ensure your databases run fast and stay fast.

With DBmarlin, we aim to democratise the ability to guarantee good database performance by putting the right information in the hands of more people. Now you don’t need to be a DBA to ensure good performance. Instead, DBmarlin makes it easy for anyone without specialist database tuning expertise to understand problems and take positive action.

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Key features

DBmarlin monitors database performance, tracks changes and helps your databases run fast.

One product Multi-database

Provides an easy to use and consistent way to monitor MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM Db2 & CockroachDB, self-hosted or cloud.

Database Performance

Captures SQL statement text and wait states so you can see exactly where the time is spent when executing SQL within your databases.

Database Changes

Auto-detects changes to schema objects, database parameters and explain plans so you can see their impact on performance.


Allows you to register events such as code releases, or other important events, helping you diagnose the impact of changes against your databases.

Instana Integration

Click-through integration, linking from database performance to the infrastructure, applications, services  and users accessing it. 

Modern UI

Creates a modern and consistent user interface across different database technologies that are easy to understand for experts and non-experts.

DBmarlin Supported Database Platforms

Cross-platform database performance tuning and optimisation

Supports cloud-hosted as well as self-hosted databases

Microsoft Azure
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure MySQL
  • Azure MariaDB
  • Azure PostgreSQL
Amazon AWS
  • RDS Aurora
  • RDS MariaDB
  • RDS PostgreSQL
  • RDS Oracle
  • RDS SQL Server

DBmarlin can be up and running in minutes, collecting vital information about exactly how your databases are working to support your users. It’s simple to spot performance bottlenecks, relate problems to any changes made and focus on the right corrective actions. 

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