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DBmarlin for Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)

Helps SRE teams to monitor databases and optimise SQL queries. It provides a single source of the truth for database performance which aids collaboration with other teams.

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Database Observability

Site reliability engineering (SRE) teams use observability tools to detect abnormal behaviors in the software and, more importantly, collect information that helps developers understand what causes the problem. 

Key features

DBmarlin monitors database performance, tracks changes and helps your databases run fast.

One product Multi-database

Provides an easy to use and consistent way to monitor MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM Db2 & CockroachDB, self-hosted or cloud.

Database Performance

Captures SQL statement text and wait states so you can see exactly where the time is spent when executing SQL within your databases.

Time comparison report

Pick any 2 periods and let DBmarlin automatically do the analysis to see if performance has improved or degraded.

Code change events

Send deployment events to DBmarlin from your CI pipeline so you can see them as markers on the time-series charts.

Snapshot data

Save granular data and keep the data for as long as you need. You can even store a link to the snapshot in your ticketing system.

Modern UI

Creates a modern and consistent user interface across different database technologies that are easy to understand for experts and non-experts.

DBmarlin Supported Database Platforms

Cross-platform database performance tuning and optimisation

Supports cloud-hosted as well as self-hosted databases

Microsoft Azure
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure MySQL
  • Azure MariaDB
  • Azure PostgreSQL
Amazon AWS
  • RDS Aurora
  • RDS MariaDB
  • RDS PostgreSQL
  • RDS Oracle
  • RDS SQL Server

DBmarlin can be up and running in minutes, collecting vital information about exactly how your databases are working to support your users. It’s simple to spot performance bottlenecks, relate problems to any changes made and focus on the right corrective actions. 

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