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“Without DBmarlin we would have been flying blind and could not have launched this new functionality as confidently as we did."
Chris Eldridge,
Director of Operations - Mayden

How Mayden's Engineering Team Finds Success with DBmarlin

  • Mayden use DBmarlin with Instana to Accelerate Database Performance
  • DBmarlin helps Mayden accelerate database performance in multiple ways
  • DBmarlin helps Mayden before, during and after cloud migration
  • Mayden dramatically accelerates Tableau performance with DBmarlin
  • Mayden use DBmarlin with Instana to come TOP in NHS survey

Case Study: Mayden solves a third-party integration headache within minutes, thanks to database observability with DBmarlin


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Observability for Database Optimization:

How Mayden Leverages Instana and DBmarlin for Better Customer Outcomes Mayden was already finding great success using Instana, an observability platform to monitor their health tech applications.

Learn how Kedron helped Mayden take it a step further by adding DBmarlin for database optimization and fine tuning
without requiring additional expert knowledge.

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