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The DBmarlin Story

In 2020 we launched DBmarlin. This is our journey which started back in 1998.

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2023: Continued growth & innovation

2023 saw the addition of features like Blocking Sessions, Deadlocks, Instance Tagging, Remote agents, SQL Search, 3rd-party links and many more. We enhaced enhanced our Instana and New Relic integrations and added alerting to Slack and PagerDuty.  See our review of 2023

2022: Continued growth & innovation

2022 saw the addition of features like Alerting, Saved Snapshots, SQL Stats reporting, New Relic integration and many more. We increased the number of databases monitored by 7x and we added our community, site, feedback site and surpassed 1100 Knowledge-base articles.  See our review of 2022

2021: Continued growth & innovation

We continue to add new functionality every month for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL as well as host monitoring for Linux and Windows. In May we added support for CockroachDB - a new generation distributed SQL database which is gaining popularity. In  addition, we added support for IBM Db2 in November. See our review of 2021

2020: DBmarlin launch

The database monitoring space has become overcrowded, but most offerings are now bloated and over-complicated. We want to return to the simplicity of "three clicks to the root cause". DBmarlin is a user-friendly, cost-effective, deep-dive database performance monitoring solution to help application teams solve problems quickly.

2013: DBTuna bought by AppDynamics

AppDynamics was seeking a deep-dive database monitoring solution to bolster their APM solution. DBTuna fitted the bill nicely. Over the years, it has been upgraded and incorporated into their own solution as Database Visibility, although the original standalone versions are still supported.

2007: Launched DBTuna

Too many database monitoring products focused on statistics and infrastructure at the time. We knew that looking at the individual SQL queries was key to understanding why they ran slowly and in turn, why their applications ran slowly. We set out to produce a new DB monitoring solution that brought SQL to the front.

2004: AP Founded

We founded AP out of the realisation that joined-up APM was essential in understanding how to identify and solve performance issues. The messages in our vision - we believe everyone deserves fast and reliable applications that deliver great user experiences - is as true today as it was back then.

1998: Precise/SQL

Our three co-founders came together in 1998 while working at Precise Software, where they started their journey in database monitoring which then went on to become the first true end-to-end APM solution. 

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