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Use the sliders to set the total number of each database technology. Note that DBmarlin licenses are not fixed to technology type and can be moved around to cover any combination of the supported database platforms. Fill in the form below to receive a quote.







A 2 or 3 year commitment brings down the license unit cost by 10% or 20% respectively.


Calculated licenses required and price including volume and multi-year discounts applied. Contact us below for more than 25 licenses.

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Volume discount of 5% for 10+ licenses, 10% for 20+ licenses and 15% for 50+ licenses
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Frequently asked questions

How does your pricing work?

DBmarlin pricing is simple - you just need to decide how many database instances you wish to monitor at any point in time and sign up for an annual subscription. Once you have a licence you can then continually swap the databases you wish to monitor based on your needs. If you wish to go above the original number of databases purchased - no problem - just get in touch and we can send you a temporary key whilst we figure out if you need a more long-term solution.

What is a database instance for licensing purposes?

We license by the number of active database instances. We define the term instance in our docs. Here are some practical examples:

  1. 1x Source + 1 or more Replicas where only the ​Source is active and ​Replicas are just there for HA or DR, then you would just count the 1 active instance you wish to monitor.
  2. 1x ​Source + 1 or more ​Replicas, where only the ​Source is active for writes and ​Replicas are used by the application for reads, then all ​Source and ​Replicas would count as active instances you wish to monitor.
  3. 1x stand-alone instance of SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL containing many databases would count as 1 active instance, no matter how many databases are contained within it.
  4. 1x CockroachDB Cluster with 15 nodes. With CockroachDB all nodes are active and therefore count towards the licence count required, even though technically you only need to define 1 connection in DBmarlin to monitor the whole cluster.
  5. Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) with 4 nodes.  With Oracle RAC all nodes are active and therefore would count towards the licence count required.
Can I pay monthly?

We currently cannot offer monthly pricing, but intend to add this in the future. If that is of interest to you, please let us know via

Are there any variable costs?

No, you just need to buy one licence per database instance - so there is no need to worry about how big or busy your databases are or how many people you would like to access DBmarlin. Our aim is to keep things simple and encourage the widest possible audience for DBmarlin.

Are discounts available if I wish to cover lots of databases?

Yes, absolutely - any customer wishing to cover more than ten databases will automatically receive additional volume discounts. In the usual way, the more you cover the bigger the discounts will be.

Number of Instances Discount
10 5%
20 10%
+25 Call or email us
Are discounts available if I can commit to 2 or 3 years?

Yes, absolutely - any customer wishing to commit to longer than an annual subscription will automatically receive an additional discount. The longer the commitment, the better the discount.

How do I get a quotation?

Please get in touch via and we can sort out a price for you. Soon, we will also be offering self-service pricing so that you can simply buy what you want, when you want it.

What about VAT / taxes?

All prices exclude tax, mainly because there are different taxes applied, depending on where your business is based. Your company will be liable for any applicable taxes, duties and similar governmental charges, and responsible for payment of all such amounts, including sales tax, value added tax (VAT), withholding taxes, export, import and other duties imposed by any governmental agency in connection with this agreement.

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