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The Power of Grouped Statements

Sometimes it is illuminating to be able to group database statements together, so that you can see their combined performance. Viewed separately, their performance may not appear that significant, but...

DBmarlin 1.12.0 released - with grouped statements view

We are pleased to announce version 1.12 of DBmarlin which adds support for a much requested feature, grouped statements as well as certifying support for SQL Server on Amazon RDS. We...

DBmarlin look back at 2021

As we approach Christmas 2021, after what has been a difficult couple of years for us all, we thought we should take the opportunity to look back at what we...

DBmarlin / Cockroach Labs Partnership and FREE CockroachDB Offer

To celebrate the partnership between DBmarlin and Cockroach Labs, all users of either Enterprise or Community edition, can deploy DBmarlin to a single cluster FREE for 12 months.

DBmarlin 1.11.0 released - with IBM Db2 support and more

We are pleased to announce version 1.11 of DBmarlin which adds support for IBM Db2 and MariaDB SkySQL as well as our new Database Statistics screen.

Top Oracle Dos and Don’ts for SQL Tuning

I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some very talented SQL people and the tuning tenets are clear: