Russell Luke
Russell Luke DBmarlin Co-founder & Managing Director

DBmarlin & LicenseFortress partner announcement

DBmarlin & LicenseFortress partner announcement

With this new partnership, LicenseFortress is now able to offer their users a way to manage, track and protect database performance and capacity, in addition to the licence compliance and optimisation they are already well known for.

LicenseFortress now bundles DBmarlin as LicenseFortress Database Insight™, available as as an add-on to their ArxPlatform™.

The ArxPlatform leverages intelligent, real-time software licence compliance monitoring and alerting for Oracle®, Microsoft®, and VMware®. The addition of Database Insight™ will provide optimisation for how database licences are used, as well as unlocking hosting and cloud platform savings. The integration means that any database discovered by their auto-discovery process can be automatically monitored to ensure that those databases have the right level of performance and resource utilisation.

Resource utilisation and licence optimisation are related areas. Understanding where database servers are over-provisioned and where the CPU count can be reduced can save on licence costs with the database vendor. Similarly, downgrading from Enterprise edition to Standard edition of the database where it isn’t needed can also save on licence costs. These cost savings can be significant when you add up the total licence cost across your entire database estate.”

About LicenseFortress

LicenseFortress is a company built upon two pillars, Software License Compliance and software licence optimisation. They help with Oracle®, Microsoft®, VMware®, and IBM® software licensing. Vendors use software licence audits as an easy way to generate additional revenue. Through LicenseFortress compliance and optimisation reviews, companies can mitigate the financial risk of being found out of licence compliance and optimise their software licensing based on their unique business requirements.

LicenseFortress SAM Managed service is designed to keep customers License Compliant through proactive software licence compliance monitoring and alerting. All their managed services include audit defence. They offer the industry’s first and only financial guarantee at the highest level of their SAM Managed service for Oracle customers. They are working to provide this same financial guarantee for their Microsoft customers.

About Application Performance Ltd and DBmarlin

DBmarlin is a product from Application Performance Ltd (AP) which offers a new and innovative way to improve database performance and track the impact of changes across any mix of technologies deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid mix. It provides a single monitoring solution and view for all your databases whether they are Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM Db2 or CockroachDB.

Michael Corey - LicenseFortress co-founder

“I have had the pleasure of working with 3 generations of DBA products from this team. DBmarlin is their latest and greatest. When we have performance issues this product gets right to the heart of the matter quickly. It does not matter if it’s Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL, it works as intended every time. One product, you pick the database. The best part is that the product is not a performance drain on the system when you use it. The interface is easy to use. They have built a great product.”

Dean Bolton - LicenseFortress chief architect & co-founder

“To accomplish this industry first, we realised we needed a trusted partner with deep domain expertise and a proven product capable of supporting Oracle and Microsoft out of the gate. With their decades of experience, Application Performance was a natural choice.”

Russell Luke - AP co-founder & CEO

“When LicenseFortress approached us to incorporate capabilities from our next-generation database monitoring solution into their ArxPlatform, we were excited. Together we can help customers optimise their current database investments and reduce costs.”

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