Mick McGuinness
Mick McGuinness DBmarlin Co-founder & Product Manager

Advanced Database Monitoring with DBmarlin (Webinar)

Advanced Database Monitoring with DBmarlin (Webinar)

Today we hosted our first ever Russian webinar thanks to new DBmarlin partner Proto. Thanks to Denis Bezkorovayny and team for setting this up and allowing us to present to a great audience.

The topic for the webinar was “Advanced Database Monitoring with DBmarlin” where we gave our take on the following questions and why we believe DBmarlin is special and different to traditional database monitoring tools.

  • What tasks should a modern database monitoring product solve?
  • Who benefits from improved DBMS monitoring (spoiler - not just DBAs).
  • What makes DBmarlin stand out from the competition?

In the Q&A I was asked about support for Cloud platforms, having mentioned that we support all flavours of Amazon RDS and Azure SQL. I was very pleased to hear that some of the audience had already downloaded and installed their free DBmarlin license to monitor databases hosted with Russian cloud providers such as Yandex Cloud. 😃

For those that missed the webinar the recording can be accessed here:

Next steps

Next steps for those who attended and want to get hands on with DBmarlin: