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Special Offer

To celebrate the partnership between DBmarlin and Cockroach Labs, all users of either Enterprise or Core, can deploy DBmarlin to a single cluster FREE for 12 months

  • Your cluster may be of any size and either self-hosted or running CockroachDB Serverless or Dedicated.
  • You can also request temporary coverage of your non-CockroachDB databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

Introducing DBmarlin for CockroachDB

Single source of the truth for performance tracking across CockroachDB
Self-hosted, Serverless and Dedicated as well as other database platforms.

Key Features

Supports all flavours of CockroachDB as well as non-Cockroach databases as well.

All CockroachDB hosting options

Supports CockroachDB Self-hosted as well as Serverless & Dedicated

SQL performance over time

Drill down into cluster performance for any time period to see top SQL

Change detection & impact analysis

Track schema, parameter & external changes to see their performance impact.

Integrates with other tools

Integrates with CI/CD tools, load test and with other monitoring tools.

"We're thrilled to work with the team behind DBmarlin to bring a powerful combination of an unkillable database and real-time performance tracking to our customers!

DBmarlin provides CockroachDB self-hosted and serverless users w​ith a single monitoring platform that tracks performance and changes across all common databases. The integration makes it easy to identify and diagnose performance and change issues, providing you with a single source of truth for all database performance tracking. "

Jen Murphy

Head of Channels & Alliances

Other ​DBmarlin Supported Database Platforms

Cross-platform database performance tuning and optimisation

Supports cloud-hosted as well as self-hosted databases

Microsoft Azure
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure MySQL
  • Azure MariaDB
  • Azure PostgreSQL
Amazon AWS
  • RDS Aurora
  • RDS MariaDB
  • RDS PostgreSQL
  • RDS Oracle
  • RDS SQL Server

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