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Mick McGuinness DBmarlin Co-founder & Product Manager

DBmarlin 4.1.0 adds support for SAP HANA and Informix

DBmarlin 4.1.0 adds support for SAP HANA and Informix

We are pleased to announce version 4.1.0 of DBmarlin, where we have worked hard to bring you support for two new platforms: SAP HANA, and Informix.


We are excited to announce that DBmarlin now supports SAP HANA databases. Please note that this is currently a beta feature.

SAP HANA is the database that sits behind the industry-leading SAP S/4HANA enterprise resource planning (ERP) system used around the world.

It is an advanced in-memory database and application platform that supports high-speed analytics and predictive modelling. It offers exceptional processing speed, real-time data analysis, and efficient handling of large data volumes. By storing data in memory, it drastically reduces data retrieval times, providing near-instant insights crucial for competitive businesses.

With DBmarlin 4.1.0, you can now identify the root cause of slow SQL statements and database slowdowns within your SAP HANA databases, ensuring they stay optimised for speed.


We are also very excited to announce that DBmarlin now supports Informix databases.

Informix is a database with a long history, created in the mid-1980s and later acquired by IBM in 2001. It is a relational database management system (RDBMS) known for its robustness, reliability, and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for businesses requiring high-performance and scalable data management solutions. One of Informix’s key strengths lies in its ability to deliver exceptional data processing speeds and efficiency, particularly in environments that handle massive volumes of data.

With DBmarlin 4.1.0, you can now get to the root cause of slow SQL statements and database bottlenecks within your Informix databases.

SAP HANA and Informix get the same great features DBmarlin users are used to

As with other database technologies, DBmarlin aims to provide a consistent view across these new platforms. Anyone using DBmarlin to monitor other platforms will feel at home.

For both Informix and SAP, DBmarlin offers the same great features it has for other database engines.

  • Database activity - this screen provides a breakdown of the database time by SQL Statements, wait states, programs, users, and so on. You can view this for any time range, current or in the past.
  • SQL statistics - see the top statements ranked by metrics such as execution count, logical reads, or CPU time (ms). For SAP HANA, we have 85 statement statistics to choose from.
  • Database statistics - view the key performance metrics for your SAP HANA instance.
  • Statement screen - view the SQL text and execution plan to help tune your top statements.
  • Host monitoring - see how the underlying host is performing and its resource utilisations such as CPU, Disk I/O, and memory.
  • Snapshots - save interesting DBmarlin data for future analysis or comparison.
  • Change detection - automatically detects when there are schema changes or parameter changes so you can see their impact.
  • Comparison reports - highlight the difference in performance between any two periods of time or even across database instances.
  • Integrations - Link to CI/CD for additional change information, link to other observability tools or database consoles, and alert notifications to PagerDuty, Slack, and more.

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