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Mick McGuinness DBmarlin Co-founder & Product Manager

DBmarlin 2.5 released - with new community site

DBmarlin 2.5 released - with new community site

We are pleased to announce version 2.5 of DBmarlin; this is a maintenance release with a few small improvements while we continue to we are work hard on our next big feature, Alerting.

As well as releasing v2.5 we are also today launching our new community site

New Community

The new community platform lets members connect with their peers to discuss any aspect of database performance as well as DBmarlin itself.

Many of you will already be using our DBmarlin software to monitor your databases and the DBmarlin team and I will be active in the community to answer any questions you have on the product. We encourage other members to answer questions as well and share your experiences and successes around database performance whether you used DBmarlin or not.

As well as the usual community discussion threads, we have links to our docs and other resources all in one place, we have events such as our quarterly meetup hosted there and very soon you will start to see training courses appear there for SQL tuning, database tuning and DBmarlin usage.

As well as a ‘General’ channel for discussion around database performance, we also have some more specific channels for DBAs, Developers and Performance testers. If you would like to see additional channels let us know.

You can join using the link below and please do share the invite with your colleagues as well.


See the video below for a quick tour of the new community site.

What about the Slack community?

We intend to keep the DBmarlin Slack workspace open for support questions only and move everything else such as discussion threads and announcements to the new community.dbmarlin.com platform. The new platform will also have added content such as Events and Training so there are lots of reasons to join, even if you are a member of the DBmarlin Slack workspace already. Any members of the DBmarlin Slack workspace will receive an invite to the new community in the coming days, but please sign up straight away, to see what the community is about.

DBmarlin 2.5 features

We have added a link to the new Community in the left menu for quick access.

The breadcrumb area at the top of the screen has had a revamp so it now makes it easier to see which level you are at, and the previous levels that you can click back to.

For SQL Server users there were a number of improvements to how we display Batches. Batches now have colours in the table to match the doughnut charts and you can also now view Batches (or Grouped Batches) over time on the time-series chart.

Ready to try DBmarlin?

If you would like to find out more about DBmarlin and why we think it is special, try one of the links below.