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Malcolm Rogers DBmarlin account manager

DBmarlin Signs KedronUK as Partner

DBmarlin Signs KedronUK as Partner

“We’re constantly scouring for new tech to help our customers improve the efficiency of their business-systems, one of these success stories is DBmarlin. The improvements realised by our clients that have taken up DBmarlin are already very marked!”

Justin Pounds, Director, KedronUK

KedronUK is a leading network and Application Performance Management (APM) consultancy. They provide customers with increased visibility and control across their applications and network infrastructure by combining leading technology, knowledge and service.

DBmarlin offers a new and innovative way to improve database performance and track the impact of changes across any mix of technologies deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid mix. Providing a single monitoring solution and view for all your databases, DBmarlin is designed to work as a highly effective stand-alone solution, or alongside APM tools such as IBM Instana.

One crucial advantage of this partnership is that KedronUK can now offer customers DBmarlin’s user-friendly and extremely powerful ability to compare database performance across different database types and time periods.

By integrating DBmarlin into existing processes such as load testing and CI/CD, it allows performance testers and developers to instantly identify performance degradation before new application code is released.

This partnership with DBmarlin allows KedronUK to add real-time second-by-second database performance optimisation capabilities to its IT Operations arsenal. This fills a crucial gap in its end-to-end performance coverage to better support its customers.

DBmarlin Enhancement for IBM INSTANA

“We have been using Instana for some time but have struggled to get the detailed database query details we need. Introducing DBmarlin immediately gave us the deeper query insights we needed. We have been able to improve lots of very slow queries. Our top slowest query took 5 seconds before we used DBmarlin. Now it runs in 10 milliseconds and has removed an important performance bottleneck.”

Matt H., DevOps Engineer at Mayden, an established KedronUK customer.

Filling the database monitoring gap

If you’re a KedronUK customer using Instana to understand the performance of your applications and they include database technologies such as: Oracle, Db2, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, CockroachDB (or their cloud equivalents), adding DBmarlin to your operational toolkit provides a much deeper understanding of database performance and the impact it has on the rest of your technology stack.

Using DBmarlin and Instana together gives you the best of both worlds. Being able to find and fix database performance problems before they negatively impact your users’ experience is key to optimising the applications they depend on.

Using DBmarlin to Safeguard Your Application Development Lifecycle

New code releases are one of the most common issues that negatively impact database performance and your customers’ experience of the applications they use. Database slow-downs are probably the most overlooked aspect of performance monitoring, often going unnoticed!

DBmarlin can also show you the impact on database performance made by every change made throughout your application’s lifecycle. You can link DBmarlin’s database performance monitoring directly to your CI/CD pipeline so performance improvements or degradations can be tied back to a code release or specific build.

As an example, if you’re using Jenkins to automate building, testing and deploying code, then connecting Jenkins and DBmarlin only takes a few minutes to set up. Your Jenkins job will post an event to the DBmarlin API, which then appears on the timeline of any charts within the product. Seeing whether any change had a positive or negative effect on the database is now simple. DBmarlin’s unique Time Comparison Report can also analyse the period before and after the change highlighting the magnitude of any differences.

Special Offer

During 2022, every KedronUK customer can deploy a FREE copy of DBmarlin Premium in any environment they wish.

Contact KedronUK to ask for your copy and discuss how DBmarlin can help you improve the performance of your databases; a great way to add value to your CI/CD and Instana application performance monitoring tools!