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DBmarlin 2.1 released - with new feedback links

DBmarlin 2.1 released - with new feedback links

We are pleased to announce version 2.1 of DBmarlin which is a maintenance release containing a few fixes and minor improvements. We have also added links within the product, to our new feedback site - feedback.dbmarlin.com, where you can suggest ideas that you would like to see in the product or vote for ideas submitted by others. You can also see our near term roadmap so you know which features and being worked and which are in the planning stage.

DBmarlin versioning

In case you were wondering why we jumped from v1.12 to v2.1, our versioning is loosely calendar-based. Calendar-based version has become more popular of late, used by organisations such as Ubuntu and CockroachLabs to name a couple. One benefit, is that it makes it more obvious how old a release is, without having to look up the release date.

In our first year which was 2021, we made 12 releases which were numbered v1.1 to v1.12. In 2022 our releases will likewise be numbered ascending, starting with v2.1, and we aim to have 12 releases again, approximately 1 month apart.

User feedback

User feedback is vital for the team at DBmarlin to make sure we are delivering the features which customers need most.

So far we have had great feedback from our fantastic customers through a variety of channels, such as review meetings, emails and our community Slack channels. Whist this has been useful getting us through our first year, we felt it was becoming difficult to manage all the great ideas from various sources, and furthermore, it didn’t allow everybody to see the ideas being generated by others.

The the new feedback site allows us to be transparent and so everyone can see what is being worked on, what is planned and the ideas suggested by others that they might like to upvote, themselves.

If you submit an idea, comment on, or upvote someone else’s idea, then you will automatically get notified when the features is being worked on and when it has been delivered which helps us keep you in the loop.

What would you like to see DBmarlin add in 2022?

As we start 2022 which is our second year for DBmarlin we would love to hear what you would like to see in the product. The links to Feedback and Roadmap will appear in the left menu once you upgrade to v2.1 but you can also visit feedback.dbmarlin.com directly and submit your ideas there.

DBmarlin Feedback link

Ready to try DBmarlin?

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