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DBmarlin 1.12.0 released - with grouped statements view

DBmarlin 1.12.0 released - with grouped statements view

We are pleased to announce version 1.12 of DBmarlin which adds support for a much requested feature, grouped statements as well as certifying support for SQL Server on Amazon RDS. We have also updated execution plans for CockroachDB to make them easier to read.

Grouped statements

There is a new tab called Activity (Grouped Statements) which is very similar to the existing Database Activity screen, except that rather than showing the individual raw SQL statements, it normalises the statements by removing any literals so that similar statements are grouped together.

DBmarlin Grouped Statements

By grouping similar statements, you might find that statements which might individually only be small resource consumers, when grouped together, may have a substantial impact on database performance.

SQL Server on Amazon RDS

We have now tested and certified DBmarlin against SQL Server running on Amazon RDS. Since granting sysadmin is not possible for some cloud hosted platforms such as Amazon RDS, we have documented an alternative set of permissions that you can grant in order for DBmarlin to work in this environment.

CockroachDB execution plans

In v1.10 we improved explain plans for several supported databases and in v1.12 we added the same for CockroachDB so now all platforms have the new style tree-table style plans with master-detail view.

DBmarlin CockroachDB execution plans

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