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DBmarlin 1.10.0 released - with improved Execution Plans and more

DBmarlin 1.10.0 released - with improved Execution Plans and more

Version 1.10 of DBmarlin brings much easier to read executions plans which means you can more quickly diagnose the root cause of slow SQL.

We have also removed the dependance on CDN for third-party fonts, CSS and JS so now DBmarlin can run in an environment not connected to the internet.

And we now display the vendors SQL ID in the Statement screen for Oracle and SQL Server which many customers have asked us for.

As well as that we have improved disk usage on the DBmarlin server with new maintenance jobs and made many UI improvements such as refined column widths, expanded colour palette and chart legends to toggle data series on or off.

New Executions Plans

Apart from looking much better, the new plans are much clearer to read. The master/detail view lets you see the detail for the selected plan step in the right side panel without having to click to expand and collapse like previously. The indentation of the tree gives you better understanding of the order of the steps. Columns can be reordered or resized as you prefer.


For SQL Server, the plans for SQL batches remain in the original style which should be more familiar to Microsoft SQL users, but we’ve added some formatting improvements here too.


Remove CDN dependency for offline viewing

Previously, the DBmarlin UI required internet access, since third-party libraries and fonts such as Bootstrap and FontAwesome were loaded from CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). Many users suggested they would like to be able to run a browser on a server which didn’t have any outbound internet access. Until now that would have meant the UI would be very difficult to use without any styles applied or any icons. With v1.10, the resources are all loaded from the DBmarlin server which means that you no longer need internet access and as long as you can connect to the DBmarlin server you can view the UI in full.

Vendors SQL ID

Many customers have requested that we display the vendors own SQL ID so that they can identify the same SQL statement in other tools or when querying the database directly. For SQL Server and Oracle we have now added the SQL ID provided by the database vendor (in addition to our own SQL Hash).


Multiple UI improvements

The Database Instance overview charts now have single tooltips which are easier to read. They also have legends so you can toggle a particular series on or off. Table formatting has also improved, with refined column widths and a new sort option for database type.


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