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Mick McGuinness DBmarlin Co-founder & Product Manager

DBmarlin 1.6.0 released

DBmarlin 1.6.0 released

Version 1.6 of DBmarlin is now available with added features for CockroachDB users. We’ve also added a new ‘statements over time’ chart so you can see quickly see which SQL statements were responsible for any performance spikes.

DBmarlin for CockroachDB

DBmarlin CockroachDB support

DBmarlin now shows execution count and average response time when monitoring CockroachDB clusters.

Last month DBmarlin added support for CockroachDB, the newSQL database which is distributed for horizontal scalability and resilience. This month we added more features for CockroachDB customers:

  • SQL execution count and Average SQL response time on the Instance dashboard.
  • Try DBmarlin for CockroachDB now in our play environment or see the video below for a short walk-through.

Statements over time view

SQL Statements over time

DBmarlin now has SQL statements over time chart.

DBmarlin now has a statements over time chart on the Instance dashboard so you can see, for any spikes in DB time, which SQL statements were responsible. The statements over time chart is also clickable so you can drill down into a SQL statement directly from the chart.

Drill down from charts

As well as the new SQL Statements over time chart, the ‘donut’ charts on the Instance dashboard screen are also clickable to drill down into a specific SQL statement. Look out for more drill downs and interactive widgets in upcoming releases.

Other improvements

  • The date/time control now automatically applies for predefined periods so you don’t have to click the ‘Apply’ button which means fewer clicks.
  • Several bug fixes and minor improvements.

Ready to try DBmarlin?

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