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Russell Luke DBmarlin Co-founder & Managing Director

DBmarlin 1.5.1 released

DBmarlin 1.5.1 released

Version 1.5 is another landmark DBmarlin release with added support for CockroachDB as well as important additional features for SQL Server and Postgres, and some nice UI and host monitoring improvements that help all our customers.

If you’ve not heard about CockroachDB, it is a very scalable modern database technology built for the most demanding distributed cloud and microservices based applications. Importantly, as the name suggests, it is extremely hard to kill, whatever you throw at it.

DBmarlin for CockroachDB

DBmarlin CockroachDB support

DBmarlin now has monitoring for CockroachDB clusters.
  • DBmarlin brings CockroachDB users an easy way to track database performance and database changes over time
  • DBmarlin also supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Postgres so if you are running other databases alongside CockroachDB you now have a single consistent way to ensure visibility across your estate
  • If like many companies you are migrating key workloads from ‘traditional databases’ to CockroachDB, you will love DBmarlin’s comparison feature, which allows you to see old and new application performance side-by-side
  • Try DBmarlin for CockroachDB now in our play environment.

DBmarlin for Microsoft SQL Server

DBmarlin new SQL Server graphical plans

DBmarlin now has graphical plans for Batches in the style of Microsoft SQL Studio
  • DBmarlin now includes powerful visual execution plans which are consistent with Microsoft SSMS diagrams and help you understand batch as well as individual SQL statements in greater detail
  • This new capability includes the ability to spot missing indexes and can even suggest additional indexes to help you improve performance.
  • Once you have added Then you can use DBmarlin’s comparison feature to validate that the new index has had a positive impact
  • DBmarlin now has an enhanced ability to relate batch performance with the SQL statements it contains and vice-versa
  • Try the new SQL Server plans now in our play environment.

DBmarlin for PostgreSQL

DBmarlin PostgreSQL SQL executions

DBmarlin now has SQL executions for PostgreSQL as well as Oracle and SQL Server
  • We have added SQL statement execution counts to the existing SQL statement performance monitoring to bring it into line with the other databases DBmarlin we support.
  • This allows you to understand whether the top statements are short duration but executed at high frequency causing high resource consumption, or if they are long running statements with lower frequency.
  • Knowing this helps you understand how best to tune the statement.
  • Try the new PostgreSQL SQL executions now in our play environment.

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