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DBmarlin 3.10.0 with custom granularity and improved SQL search

DBmarlin 3.10.0 with custom granularity and improved SQL search

We are pleased to announce the release of DBmarlin 3.10. This release adds a new option to change the granularity of the charts as well as improvements to SQL Search

Custom granularity for charts

We have added a new option within the date selector, that lets you select a custom interval for displaying chart data. The custom interval, can be used to increase or decrease, the number of data points shown on the charts. The default is “Auto”, which will attempt to display a sensible number of data points per chart, taking into account performance and legibility of the charts.

You can now override the default and ask for the data to be displayed, with an interval of 1s, 5s, 15s, 1m, 5m, 15m, 1h, 6h, 1d, 1w. Note that some of these options will be disabled, if they would result in either too many or too few data points for the selected period.

More data points on the chart

Example showing 1 hour period with 15s interval rather than the default 1m

The custom interval is remembered until you make changes within the date selector after which it will revert to “Auto”.

SQL Search was first added in v3.7 as a new top-level screen, that allows you to search for SQL statements across all statements that have been collected by DBmarlin from all database instances. The search uses fuzzy matching logic so it can find similar statements even if the text or formatting is slightly different which will usually be the case when you are copying a statement from another source.

While it worked well in the majority of cases, there were some issues, particular for customers with very long SQL statements. In v3.10 we have reworked the search algorithm and indexing so that statement matching should be quicker and will return results, even where you are only matching on a small fragment of the SQL text.

This SQL search capability also powers our browser extension that can be used to integrate New Relic and Instana with DBmarlin.

If you haven’t see SQL Search in action here is a short video demo.

Other fixes and improvements

For a longer list of fixes and improvements see the release notes.

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