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Streamline Your Database Monitoring with DBmarlin and New Relic Integration

Streamline Your Database Monitoring with DBmarlin and New Relic Integration

Are you looking to enhance your database monitoring capabilities? Discover how DBmarlin, our premier database monitoring tool, can integrate seamlessly with New Relic to provide you with the insights you need for optimal database performance.

Step 1: Get Started with DBmarlin Firstly, if you still need to get equipped with DBmarlin, take advantage of our free version. This allows monitoring of one database instance. You can download it directly from Setting up is a breeze, and in no time, you’ll be tracking the performance across your database instances, just as showcased in our demonstration.

Step 2: Install the SQL Search Extension To facilitate this integration, you will need to add a special tool to your arsenal – the SQL Search Extension. Available on the Chrome Store, a simple search for ‘DBmarlin’ will lead you to this handy extension. Installation is straightforward, and once added to your Chrome or Chromium-based browser, you will find the icon at the top, ready for configuration.

Step 3: Configure the Extension Configuration requires minimal effort. Click on the extension icon and enter the URL of your DBmarlin server. Hit ‘set,’ and you’re good to go. This action connects your browsing environment with DBmarlin, setting the stage for seamless integration.

Step 4: Experience the Integration The magic happens when you’re examining database calls within New Relic. When delving into your database performance metrics, you’ll notice an additional feature – a ‘Find SQL in DB Marlin’ button provided by our extension. This innovative feature bridges the gap between New Relic’s front-end monitoring and DBmarlin’s deep database insights.

Step 5: Deep Dive into Database Insights Upon clicking the button, you’re directed to DBmarlin’s search screen, automatically populated with the relevant SQL statement text. DBmarlin’s powerful search not only checks for exact matches but also performs fuzzy matches, ranking results by similarity, making it incredibly efficient to pinpoint the query you need, even if the match isn’t exact.

Step 6: Analyze with Enhanced Details With the desired statement selected, DBmarlin offers a plethora of additional details. You gain access to execution plans, and if terms like ‘sequential scan’ leave you puzzled, helpful links to our knowledge base provide you with all the explanations you need. This level of detail extends to understanding resource usage patterns, wait events, and much more.

Our SQL search extension and DBmarlin’s monitoring capabilities transform how you view and optimize your databases. With real-time insights and a free version available, there’s no reason not to extend your monitoring toolkit. Download the plugin and enjoy a holistic view of your application and database performance today.

Stay tuned for more insightful videos, and don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your database monitoring with DBmarlin.

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For current New Relic customers, we are excited to offer one free premium license for DBmarlin. This promotion allows monitoring of a database of your choice.