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DBmarlin 1.11.0 released - with IBM Db2 support and more

DBmarlin 1.11.0 released - with IBM Db2 support and more

We are pleased to announce version 1.11 of DBmarlin which adds support for IBM Db2 and MariaDB SkySQL as well as our new Database Statistics screen.

This release adds support for more new database platforms!

First of all we have added IBM Db2 which has been much requested. Now you can monitor IBM Db2 10.5 or above running on Linux, Unix or Windows.

We have also certified our support for SkySQL which is the cloud hosted DBaaS from MariaDB. See our recent blog about monitoring MariaDB SkySQL.

There is a new Database Statistics screen too, for those monitoring any of the supported database platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, CockroachDB and of course the newly added IBM Db2.

We have updated the knowledge base with further wait events for IBM Db2 and PostgreSQL taking the total count now to 1044. Of course you may still encounter the odd one that we haven’t yet identified, so please let us know using the form.

Finally we have made some improvements to the upgrade processes to add more resilience. When running configure.sh (Linux) or the setup.exe (Windows), if there have been any schema changes, you will see that the data migration will be done as part of the upgrade process with a clear message to wait.

With the addition of IBM Db2, DBmarlin now supports all of the top 5 relational databases, as well as several more too.

dbengines-relational-db-ranking Top relational database engines according to DBEngines

IBM Db2 support

IBM Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows (informally known as Db2 LUW) is one of the leading relational databases and has been for several decades. It is relied upon by thousands of organisations around the world. DBmarlin is now able to monitor IBM Db2 LUW from version 10.5 and above including 11.1 and the latest version 11.5. DBmarlin works with Db2 self-hosted as well as Db2 running in IBM Cloud or in containers such as OpenShift or other Kubernetes platforms.


Database Statistics Screen

The Instance Dashboard screen now has a Database Statistics tab where you can see some instance level metrics. These will be different for each of the database platforms we support. We have started with our own list of top metrics but if there are others you would like to see let us know. In time it will be possible to customise the list of metrics to add your own.


MariaDB SkySQL Support

We have certified that DBmarlin works with MariaDB SkySQL which is the cloud hosted DBaaS (database-as-a-service) from MariaDB. The SkySQL CA certs required are bundled with 1.11 of DBmarlin so no manual steps are required to import certificate files. Setting up a sensor is just like any other, except for one TLS parameter as described in our SkySQL blog.

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