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Russell Luke DBmarlin Co-founder & Managing Director

Get a view of database performance and change information all in one place

Get a view of database performance and change information all in one place

The biggest risk to database performance is change. The frequency of changes is increasing. DBmarlin and Liquibase help to de-risk database changes.

DBmarlin is an innovative new monitoring solution, designed from the ground up to make it easy to optimise database performance, across many different database technologies. It supports any mix of on-premise, cloud or managed database deployments and is helping to redefine what is becoming known as database observability.

One key DBmarlin innovation is the ability to combine detailed change and performance information. So you can see at a glance, the impact that changes have on the performance of your databases.

It was our desire, to provide customers with the most comprehensive understanding of increasingly frequent changes, as well as direct customer requests, that opened the door to our great partnership and integration with Liquibase.

Liquibase provides quality checks (from late September 2021) for any database changes, by applying rules that enforce standards. You can immediately tell if your change isn’t going to work. For example, you can make sure that all changes comply with naming conventions and common DBA wisdom, such as ‘don’t add a foreign key if the columns don’t have an index.’

When you integrate DBmarlin with Liquibase, you then get performance checks for your changes. You can immediately see the real world impact of the change with respect to the database performance and the detailed information needed to fix any problems.

The final arbiter of what is “good”, when making a database change, is performance.” said Robert Reeves, CTO and Co-Founder at Liquibase. “It doesn’t matter if the change is implemented successfully, meets standards, or supports the application - if you drag the database down because of a change causing poor performance, you’re going to have a bad day!

DBmarlin lets you know the true impact of a change on database performance and highlights exactly where performance has deviated from normal, whether it is a SQL statement or stored procedure which has slowed down or a wait event indicating contention which has increased. You can then decide quickly, whether to rollback the change, or fix it and move forward.

“Together, DBmarlin and Liquibase are chocolate and peanut butter. Each is awesome individually but together that’s where the magic happens. We really enjoy working with the DBmarlin team and love their offer of a FREE fully featured copy of DBmarlin for every Liquibase customer”

Robert Reeves, CTO and Co-Founder at Liquibase.

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