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Russell Luke DBmarlin Co-founder & Managing Director

DBmarlin 1.4.0 released

DBmarlin 1.4.0 released

After another month of innovation and bug squashing, we’re pleased to release DBmarlin 1.4. This version includes new features to help you with database and host monitoring.

DBmarlin v1.4 headline improvements

Headline improvements for Oracle and SQL Server users include the ability to capture SQL statement executions. Now, DBmarlin not only tells you what your slowest statements are, but how often they run, allowing you to see where your resources are going and helping you focus your performance-tuning efforts in the right areas.

DBmarlin SQL Execution counts

SQL statements now show execution counts and average response times

We’ll add this for other databases shortly, starting with PostgreSQL.

Meanwhile, we haven’t forgotten our PostgreSQL and MySQL users, who gain improved Explain Plan formatting, catching up with Oracle and SQL Server. Now everyone has access to straight-forward plans where you can start at a summary level and drill into detail as needed. If you still want the detailed raw explain plans, no problem! Those are still just a click away.

DBmarlin explain plans

New Explain Plans are easier to analyse

Improved host monitoring

The other big news is improved host monitoring. Our Windows and Linux users now have detailed IO metrics as well as the CPU and memory metrics already available. Having all three areas covered allows you to correlate host and database performance. This means that you can understand where to invest your time and resources.

DBmarlin Host monitoring

Improved host monitoring with detailed breakdown for Disk I/O, CPU and Memory

Improvements based on your feedback

DBmarlin also includes numerous detailed improvements, many requested by our growing band of customers. One is for Oracle users, where we have made it simple to enter a SID or SERVICE without the need to dive into advanced configuration.

Thanks for the suggestions and ideas. Please keep them coming!

Together we will make DBmarlin the easiest-to-use and most innovative database monitoring solution available.

Next month, we hope to bring you exciting news about how a growing list of users are employing DBmarlin change tracking and comparison reports to offer load and performance testers new insights.

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