Mick McGuinness
Mick McGuinness DBmarlin Co-founder & Product Manager

DBmarlin now supports all of the top 4 database engines

DBmarlin now supports all of the top 4 database engines

Last week DBmarlin hit a new milestone with support for Microsoft SQL Sever. That means that DBmarlin now supports all of the the top 4 relational databases.

What are the top 4?

If you are interested in seeing which are the most popular database engines used these days then check db-engines.com who now track 360 different databases and have been tracking them for many years.


Source https://db-engines.com/en/ranking

The top 4 have remained unchanged for more than 3 years now which is why supporting all 4 of them with a common collector agent and user interface is big news for DBmarlin.

We provide a single pane of glass across all of the top 4 relational databases so that you get the same consistent view, no matter which database type you are looking at. This is a huge benefit for those people who need to see performance across different databases; it removes the need to use a different tool for each and seeing different metrics laid out in different ways.

You can drill down into the database performance to see the top SQL, programs, users, sessions and more and see quickly where the time is spent within the database when SQL is running. You can also see the different wait events which show whether there is any contention within the database. And you can see the explain plan to understand how SQL statements are being executed as well as when the plan changes or any schema objects or database parameters change.

As a DBA, developer or anyone who cares about the performance of a database, you can now see all of this information in one place for any of the top 4 databases.

While many other database monitoring tools may only support 1 database engine or sometimes a few, we have seen that in almost all cases, customers have a heterogeneous environment with a mixture of different databases used for different applications. In fact in some recent meetings customers have listed 12 or more databases used including NoSQL non-relational database types such as Key-value stores, Document stores, Graph DBMS and Object oriented DBMS.

Beyond the top 4

As well as the top 4 relational databases we also support #12 MariaDB, #44 Amazon Aurora, #100 TimeScaleDB, #103 Percona Server. In fact there may be other databases which derive from either MySQL or PostgreSQL that we can also support since they share the same flavour of SQL and same performance schema. We will continue to expand support for more database platforms over time as well as deepening the coverage we already provide.

If you want to get involved in the beta program you can register now at register.dbmarlin.com.